Hello World! 😃 We're finally online and allow registrations 🎉 I planned this instance when many new Spanish users were coming to the fediverse.Unfortunately many technical issues made me postpone the start.The goal of this project is providing a free and safe social media alternative for the Spanish community and,of course,everyone else who wants to join us.If you fell like trying out a new social network,please join us 😃 I'm the admin,I'm Niklas from Germany,I work at Edeka (a supermarket) and do this and many other projects as my hobby.I'm also looking for moderators who want to help me (preferred native Spanish speakers).Give me a reply if you want to help.Some server specifications: HP ProLiant DL380 G6 with 32GB memory,2 Quad Core Intel Xeon CPUs with 2,8GHz and four 80GB SCSI hard disks with RAID (200GB usable).The server location is Germany.And it would be very nice if anyone could translate this post so that I can post it again in Spanish,thanks 😉

Hi Niklas, I'm a Spanish living in Germany, so this a happy coincidence. Thanks a lot for create and mantain the instance.
I'm just curious, as you are not from Spain neither speak the language... Why did you decide to create mstdn.es?


@farandula Hi and welcome to mstdn.es.I created this instance as a response to a big wave of new users migrating from Twitter to Mastodon.There was no other Spanish instance at that time and I had some space left on my server so I thought I could help the network this way.There are already so many German instances so another one wouldn't make that much sense.

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A free and federated social network for the Spanish community - and everyone else, too!