@ElMichel You're talking about connection problems with this server,right?Unfortunately there was a DDoS attack against this server and I was required to take some measures to protect the server which resulted in federation not working anymore.Looks like it's over so everything is working as usual again but if I see another explosion in traffic,I'll have to take measures again 😕

Hello and welcome to mstdn.es everyone!I started this instance a few months ago to give you a place where you can communicate for free and without any ads or tracking.I'm happy that it finally starts to get used 😃 I wish you all much fun and a great time here!Please drop me a message if you have any problems or questions.I'm your admin and I'm here to help.

@farandula Hi and welcome to mstdn.es.I created this instance as a response to a big wave of new users migrating from Twitter to Mastodon.There was no other Spanish instance at that time and I had some space left on my server so I thought I could help the network this way.There are already so many German instances so another one wouldn't make that much sense.

@ajeremias @yabirgb I think I know you from the FuckOffGoogle Matrix so maybe it isn't the worst thing,right? 😆 I use both Matrix and Jabber and both are great,anyway I prefer Matrix because it's easier to get new people to use it and it doesn't have problems on their iPhones.

@fanta @yabirgb User count is still at 1 (only me) currently 😕

@ajeremias @yabirgb Well,I know more about servers than you might think 😜 I'm also one of the admins at ggc-project.de and riotchat.de and I'm the developer of Halcyon and Cloud Firewall.You shouldn't judge people by their jobs.

@domodak An der Bandbreite wird Pleroma auch nichts aendern.Die API und das ActivityPub Protokoll sind ja das gleiche,also wird dort auch genauso viel Traffic verursacht.

@domodak Klar,dafuer gibts auch einen Plan.Falls meine eigene Hardware nicht mehr ausreicht,wird eben zusaetzlich was bei Hetzner angemietet.Die Dedicated Server da bieten sehr viel und sind preislich auch ok.Am meisten sorgen mach ich mir ueber die Bandbreite,aber bis jetzt laeufts ja problemlos 😃

@domodak Bis jetzt haelt sich der Ansturm in Grenzen,kein einziger Nutzer 😕 Naja,der Server sollte schon ziemlich lange halten.Ist ja hochwertige Hardware und so ziemlich jedes Teil kann bei Bedarf ausgewechselt werden.Hab sogar noch 4 HDD Slots zur Speichererweiterung frei.

Hola mundo! Finalmente estamos online y admitiendo nueva gente 🎉 . Pensé en crear esta instancia cuando empezaron a venir muchos usuarios al fediverso desde España. Desafortunadamente, muchos problemas técnicos me hicieron posponer su inicio. La meta de este proyecto es proveer de una alternativa libre y segura para la comunidad española, y por supuesto, cualquiera que quiera unirse a nosotros. Si quieres probar una nueva red social, por favor, unete a nosotros. Yo soy el administrador. Me llamo Niklas, soy de Alemania, trabajo en Edeka (un supermercado) y hago esto como hobby entre otros proyectos. También busco moderadores que quieran ayudarme preferiblemente gente cuyo idioma sea el español). Escribeme si quieres ayudar. Algunas características de nuestros servidores son: HP ProLiant DL380 G6 con 32 GB de memoria, 2 Quad Core Intel Xenon a 2,8 GHz y cuatro discos duros de 80GB SCSI en RAID (200GB disponibles). El servidor se encuentra en Alemania.
Thanks @yabirgb for translating 😃

Hello World! 😃 We're finally online and allow registrations 🎉 I planned this instance when many new Spanish users were coming to the fediverse.Unfortunately many technical issues made me postpone the start.The goal of this project is providing a free and safe social media alternative for the Spanish community and,of course,everyone else who wants to join us.If you fell like trying out a new social network,please join us 😃 I'm the admin,I'm Niklas from Germany,I work at Edeka (a supermarket) and do this and many other projects as my hobby.I'm also looking for moderators who want to help me (preferred native Spanish speakers).Give me a reply if you want to help.Some server specifications: HP ProLiant DL380 G6 with 32GB memory,2 Quad Core Intel Xeon CPUs with 2,8GHz and four 80GB SCSI hard disks with RAID (200GB usable).The server location is Germany.And it would be very nice if anyone could translate this post so that I can post it again in Spanish,thanks 😉


A free and federated social network for the Spanish community - and everyone else, too!